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At Hometown Lawncare, our landscape designer is known for producing creative and high-end work throughout the New Albany, IN. From our detailed tree trimming to our meticulous tree removal services, we always make an effort to reduce pollution, conserve natural resources and maximize ecological function. From our thorough stump removal to our commercial landscape projects, we will always be able to provide you with a beautiful and healthy lawn at each unique location. Contact our landscaping company from Hometown Lawncare in New Albany, IN today!

Lawn Care

Maintaining a lawn is not a simple task. It involves much more than simply mowing regularly or staying on top of leaf blowing. The winter season calls for ice management and snow removal services, and summer might necessitate sprinkler or irrigation repairs. For these reasons, Hometown Lawncare proudly offers an all season lawn care service. Lawn maintenance needs for residential properties are not always the same for commercial property. We specialize in all season lawn care services for residential and commercial landscapes alike to give our clients’ outdoor spaces a thick, healthy, vibrant turf that keeps your natural lawn looking flawless.

Tree Removal

Our tree service includes removing trees and other plant obstructions. There are several situations in which a tree removal service becomes necessary. The most common is when the trees start to rot or simply get old. This is hazardous because trees in such conditions are much more likely to fall or to catch fire. In either case, you risk injury, liability, and property damage, so you should call a landscaping company like Hometown Lawncare if you think such trees are on your property.




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